Installing zaptel TDM2400P

Hi all,

I have problems regarding Digium TDM2400P anybody please provide all the details of installing this card , I tried installing using default steps but that have configured only 4 FXS ports on that card when i run a command “genzaptelconf” .

also when I tried configuring ports manually but after that when asterisk starts at that time it gives an error message.

please can anybody provide all details…?I’m waiting eagerly
also on my mail

also i have one more problem in my asterisk machine after i finished installing Cepstral TTS on machine
my X-Lite is able to call an extension on asterisk server or in dial plan.
but after when we enter choices there asterisk does not accept them.
why it does so I’m not getting it…?
please give me solution for this also…

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Rahul Borkar
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hello -

I am using Cepstral as well. I am using the app_swift module which can be found here. A simple “make install” will take care of things.

you should edit /etc/asterisk/swift.conf to add this directive “goto_exten=yes”.
This works well if you have a menu such as “press 1 for sales, 2 for this, 3 for that, etc”. However, I found that if you require DTMF input (such as a pin number), it is better to use the Swift engine to create a .wav file and use Read() to play it back.
“swift please enter some text -o mywav.wav” on the command line outside of Asterisk.
Place “mywav.wav” into /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ and just call it accordingly.

I have spent quite a bit of time over the past week or so working with the Cepstral Engine inside Asterisk, if you have any other questions, I will try to help as much as possible.


Very very thanks to u. i really appreciate that.

But do you think that Cepstral sounds somewhat weird when we use it in asterisk . I know that it sounds good when we use it outside.but when i use it with asterisk it’s sounds somewhat weird.
can u please suggest some thing on this.
any help regarding this also really helpful.

Also do you know some information about TDM2400P card. I’ve to also configure that for inbound as well as outbound calling?

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Rahul Borkar

hmm…the quality is pretty good, especially for the price, in my opinion. I have noticed that the quality sounds better when I call in via PSTN comapred to SIP. Can you elaborate on what sounds bad? You can tweak the speech, though I have not done it yet.

as far as configuring the card, there are 2 main conf files you want to look at. the first is /etc/zaptel.conf - this is the config file for the card itself. Next, there is /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf - this is the config file for asterisk to use the card.

note that zaptel.conf is outside the /etc/asterisk directory, this is because the card itself can be used by things other than asterisk.

Someone else could probably tell you how to configure these files better than I could. I have a real basic, and rather unsafe set up for a production environment, only for 1 fxo module.

I know that for configuring card there are two files but specially for TDM2400P
I don’t know the configuration, I have created a default configuration with the help of a command “genzaptelconf” which have configured only 4 FXS channels for me and card has 24 channels which gets listes in command “lszaptel”.
and if I give a command “lszaptel” it shows all channels as FXSKS so does that mean that I can’t do inbound calling into asterisk server or outbound calling from asterisk server?

So, I really want more information on this topic.
If you know anybody email address then please give me I’ll contact him I have also posted this topic on many other forum but found no reply and no information on any site regarding TDM2400P, As it’s new.

Okay again thanks to you,

Rahul Borkar


As miles_cuc suggested,

I modifyed an /etc/asterisk/swift.conf file, changed “goto_exten=yes”.
but still does not received an user choices after user press an any number.

Can u please suggest me more ways to enable to receive an user pressed inputs.

Rahul Borkar