Installing Asterisk on apple Xserve G5

Hi everyone,

I’ve got Trixbox CE running on an old PC, close to death…

And I’ve got an Xserve ppc G5 that is unused. I wonder if I can use it to run Asterisk on it ?
As far as I know, there is no current and updated version of Asterisk running on Mac OS X.
Then I was planning to install Yellow Dog Linux on my Xserve G5 (instead of mac OS X) for running Asterisk.

My question is : do you think this configuration could work properly : Xserve G5 + YDL 6.1 + Asterisk :question:
If yes, at wich conditions ?
If no, what would you recommand to use my Xserve ?

Thanks for help and suggestions !

I dont see why it wouldnt work, yellow dog is a redhat clone and has a PPC version, everything else you need comes as source so it should compile on the PPC.

If the Xserve is just sitting there and you can wipe it out you have nothing to loose but a little bit of time trying to install it.

The GUI that Trixbox uses is FreePBX so you can install that if you want once you get Asterisk installed.