Asterisk (rpath based) on Intel Xserve

I’ve got a potential client that wants Asterisk but he wants it on an Xserve. His company is an Apple shop and he’s not open to the idea of running an HP server for his phone system (I only sell HP, don’t go there).

I can’t find anything concrete on whether I can run Asterisk (I’d run Business Edition which comes with an rpath based linux distribution) on an Intel Xserve. The latest firmware updates from Apple have added BIOS emulation to the EFI so I’m betting it will work but I’m looking for someone that has done this before.

Has anyone here gotten Asterisk running on an Intel Xserve without problems? I don’t want to do this under OSX and if I can’t find someone who has experience running Intel based software I’m either going to walk away from this or try to sell him an Avaya IP Office system.

Thanks for your help!


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