Installing to directory other than default

I am trying to install asterisk to the /opt directory, so that I can easily contain all of the asterisk module. The installation is no real problem as I simply modify the Makefile to add /opt to the Install_Prefix variable.
After the install run, asterisk will start fine, but will eventually start to complain about missing files. It is at this point that the files or config still points to the default dirs. Was curious what file would have to be changed to see the new prefix?


i know you can set some of the directories (voicemail, sounds, etc) in the asterisk.conf file, but how you’d change the default location of that (from /etc/asterisk) i do not know.

That is done by chaning the make file.

But honestly, i would think twice about that.
If there is only ONE line in the asterisk code, which is hardcoded to “usr/bin”, you earn a nasty misbehaviour which could turn out to be a pita…

And MANY other libs and addons rely on that standard path too.

I wouldnt change it tbh…

Issue resolved. And it does work, as long as you edit the Makefile manually. Was using a version of asterisk that was pre-compiled using defaults, instead of my custom path.