Asterisk installation

Hi all,

I am trying to install Asterisk- in Fedora core 8. But i am getting some error while giving make install. For installation i have followed the steps given in this link … edora.html
Kindly let me know if any other packages are to be installed or is there any further steps to be included for proper installation.

Thanks in advance

ok problem solved I’ve screw up the makefile file. :smiley:


Thanks for the reply.

Can you tell us about the changes you made to the make file?


This is what I’ve done:

nano Makefile
go to “ASTVARRUNDIR=$(localstatedir)/run” line and change it to “ASTVARRUNDIR=$(localstatedir)/run/asterisk”

Now my asterisk is setup and running.
I wish to installa also a GUI like Freepbx but i found a big problem
Is it true that I have to change apache user?
This dedicated server we’re using with asterisk is also our main website server.

There’s no other way to install a GUI without changing the apache user?