Installing asterisk on a device without a soundcard

hello there,

i once installed asterisk on naopi neo core, with is a single board computer similar to raspberry pi and other Pis.
anyway everything worked fine and perfect.

nanopi neo core had a sound card of course.

i installed earlier asterisk on nanopi r2s which is similar to nanopi neo core but it does not have any sound card in it!

so everything was installed correctly and i registered endpoints but a call can not be processed due to “codecs not acceptable here” ! (although both peers have same codecs choosen and same codecs assigned at pjsip.conf)
which might be because this new device does not have a sound card!
then i realized that also ALSAMIXER says that can not open mixer: no such file or directory!

so does the device need to have at least one sound card in it in order to make asterisk process calls.

No, Asterisk does not require a sound card to process calls. You’d need to show the actual SIP traffic and configuration to see what is going on. It’s likely configuration.

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yes true, i kept the parameter media_encryption=sdes where as i was not using tls anymore.

big thanks for guiding me.

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