Installing Asterisk / freepbx webapp on CentOS-6.4

I have recently installed a FreePBX distro. I expressed some concerns about the lack of updates and was advised to come here (to asterisk) as the FreePBX distro is viewed as a telephony appliance and not as a system as I understand that word.

My inclination is to start with a minimal install of CentOS-6.4 and simply install asterisk and freepbx as rpms from … 6_64/RPMS/? Is that possible? Will it work? Doest it makes sense? What are the down-sides to doing that as opposed to using a distro like Asterisk_Now or FreePBX?

Q. Is there a repository installer package for
A. See

For a fully flexible FreePBX, you need to install the non-distro version from the FreePBX web site. At least the initial install is tarball, not RPM. For a possibly more updatable package solution, you should look at AsteriskNOW, but note that it has its own forums on this board.

For most flexibility with Asterisk, you should install from source. At least on CentOS, that is quite easy.

Note, you may also need dahdi, for your specific kernel, depending on which features you are using.