Asterisk MySQL setup


I just purchased the business edition of asterisk 1.0 and I would like to get it to talk to the MySQL database. How do I configure the system so that it connects to the database? Which files do I need to modify?

I have also downloaded the X-Lite SIP phone and would like to be able to dial a number with this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For what purpose are you looking to connect your Asterisk to MySQL?

  • For CDRs?

  • For Realtime database configs?

  • For custom script writing?

There are many different applications and configurations to consider. Not trying to confuse you, but if you provide a little more detail on exactly what you are trying to acheive we might be able to point you in the appropriate direction.

You will also need the Asterisk headers to compile asterisk-addons since you are running Business Addition. If you do not have them, contact Digium support to obtain them.