Install requirements


I am planning to use Asterisk as follows:
Phones: sip (grandstreaam, sipura, …)
Trunk: sip or Iax2 (broadvoice, BYOD service, …)

Do I need to install FXS and FXO cards in Asterisk box?

All comments gratly appreciated.

Thanks, Darly

if you’re not using analogue lines or phones then you don’t need FXO/FXS hardware.

I read that there was a requirement to use a digium X100p, or intel voice card equivalent, or ztdummy ?

Does the latest version of Asterisk require only a network card for connection to VOIP provider and clients?

Thanks, Darly

I think with the lates version you do not need the internal timer or it maybe you aonly need it with certain apps such as confrence and quere. I remeber seeing that somewhere but cant remeber where