Asterisk without FXO and FXS?

Hi all,

I have a question - can i use an Asterisk without any FXO or FXS cards? I mean, that i would like connect to my voip provider via Internet and connect clients with voip phones or software phones like X-Lite?

Thx for answer

yes you can. its already in the book of oreilly. that’s what exactly what im doing right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigkill, can you please be more specific. I basically have the same question as this poster. What is your setup like then, and if you want to add phones, what would be needed?

  1. Using digital cards from Digium and possibly other mfg.
  2. Using ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters)
  3. Using IP phones
  4. Using Soft phones
  5. Any combo of above.

I have used #2 & 4 and both worked fine for me. Now that I bought 4 more ATAs off ebay, plus the 2 I already had I have enough lines for all rooms in house.

For setup of ATA, you need extension # and password for each one.
From admin menu in ATA put in extension and password as the account number ( or phone no) and password.

In the sip.conf
[extension no.]
username=extension no.
; fromuser=extension no.
callerid=“Bath rooms”
mailbox=extension no.@sias
; below are optional stuff for call pickup.

Oh, yea… . . . . you need a phone to plug into the ATA. Any vanilla phone will do. $8 special from Wall mart or whatever. Also the ATA WAN cnx needs to be connected to the asterisk via Cat-5 cable. I have a gingle CAt-5 jack on the asterisk computer. It goes to a 16 port swich. Those ports go to 7 ATAs and 6 computers.