Install GUI for * server without internet access

How do i install GUI for Asterisk which is install on a VM which do not have internet access? The ip address of Asterisk is, i assume that after installing the GUI i will be able add user by the GUI. After installing the GUI, how do i access to the GUI. Thank you in advance.

you do not need internet access once the gui is installed. you just access the gui buy opening firefox on another machine, or the machine you installed asterisk and the gui on. and type: … index.html

I have not make and install the GUI for *. How do i install the GUI for Asterisk, please note that the Asterisk machine does not have internet access. I understand that to install the GUI i need to type the following codes in the command line as below:

cd /usr/src
svn co asterisk-gui
cd asterisk-gui
make install
make checkconfig

Is there a work around for this if i want to install the GUI.

well you can always download the gui using svn to another machine,
it will just create a directory called asterisk-gui on that machine, then burn it to cd, and go to your asterisk server put the cdrom in and copy asterisk-gui to /usr/src, then finish the install

svn co asterisk-gui