Install AsteriskNOW with IVR and 2 USB 3G Modem

I am new here, and I wish get help from the experts here :grinning:
I wanna to install AsteriskNow 11 for my small company with 2 USB 3g modem. My Sim1 with number +2010xxxxx1 for income calls from my clients ,and my sim2 with number +2010xxxxx2 for outcome calls with IVR features
My scenario
I wanna my client when call on sim1 ( +2010xxxxx1 ), he hears welcome voice message and choose from menu press1 for Sales, press 2 for support, etc
and server redirect him to sales number +2010xxxxx3 (GSM phone) , support number +2010xxxxx4 (GSM phone ) use sim2 to in order to redirect calls
I have been on asterisk from 3 days with many articles and I failed
So, what the right steps to achieve these scenario

I presume “wanna” means “would like to” or “would like that”, according to context.

Do you want to do this with the GUI? If so you are in the wrong place and you want

Otherwise, you need to show the dialplan you have tried and how it failed.

Thanks for your replay.
1- forgive me for my language, English isn’t my native language, and I’m not good in English; however, I presume that my dilemma was clear.
2- you are right, I use freepbx, I will write my topics in
3- My dialplan is mess now, because I tried many configurations from many websites, and I’m a beginner in asterisk. So, I wanted help from professional people who will explain to me the right steps and technique instead of study asterisk course or training. beside I need a confirmation that my scenario is possible.