Run small asterisk

hi everyone

I am very happy from joining to asterisk community. I want to run a small asterisk system. I have these softwares and hardwares for run asterisk:

linux asterisknow 64bit
sangoma a200 card with 2fxo modules
one pc include 3Ghz cpu and 2GB ram and 500 GB hdd
4analog phone number and one fax machine

I want to redirect these phone numbers to another phone numbers.for example when someone call to mr x from newyork, redirect to a phone number in california.what should i do?thanks in advance

Read the Asterisk documentation. The best resource is the book: “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony” by O’Reilly.

hi again

i have installed asterisknow 64bit but i dont know why it had installed in runlevel 3 and when i want to switch to runlevel5 i have recieved this message:

AsteriskNow doesn’t install desktop interface, if you want to configure your asterisk open in other machine with a web browser the asterisknow gui, just put the IP in your browser.