Asterisk as IVR Server

Hi all

I’m very new in Asterisk and I need help. I’m trying to set up an IVR server with AsteriskNow, but I don’t know how to configure the IVR to link it with an analogic central. The idea is call to an extension and get the IVR answer. I got a digium tcm400p card with a FXO module connected with this central and also I have a extension for this IVR.

Any idea is welcome

Don’t use AsteriskNow. Code the dialplan directly

Note there is a forum specifically for AsteriskNow, which might be able to give help if there are GUI tools for doing IVR.

The remote devices should be irrelevant to the IVR logic.

If you are new to asterisk, just use pbx in a flash… it will do most of the “tricky” parts for you… And IVR’s are a snap from the Freepbx web GUI.