Install Asterisk in a remote server

Hi, I have some servers in , I used most for Websites and backup solutions for my clients, I want to install Asterisk in one of them, so I can develop a voip service for my clients, I have seen that there are others users that have Asterisk installed in that kind of services,

I hope someone can help me I have no idea how to installed over ther to start developing my applications

Not a lot of info to determine if it is even possible but if it is here is what you need.

Firstly, some flavor of Linux (with 2.4 or 2.6 kernel)needs to be installed and running on the remote server along with SSHd. Once that is done you need to have SSH (port 22) access to the server over the internet with root username and password.

Once you have that you can install Asterisk remotely. Any instructions you find on the internet that give a step by step command line install procedure will work. If you want to install Asterisk Management Portal (AMP) as well which I recommend then you can use their install guide for everything. It is a very good and detailed install guide which I have used successfully for remote installs several times. … Itemid=57#