Install 1.6 Asterisk-gui Permisions

I have just installed Asterisk 1.6 on a new install of Fedora 10.0.

When I log into the asterisk-gui I get a message that says the application does not have the necessary permisions and to check manager.conf.

I do not see anything else to change to overcome this issue. Also the GUI does not have all the configuration items listed to allow me to set things up. I have seen this in the past with Asterisk-Now.

Can someone point me at some docs or info on how to correct these issues?

I have the O’Reilly Book Asterisk The Future of Telephony and I can not find the solution there.

Thanks for any help.


I just upgraded to the latest gui and was getting a similar message
"can’t create directory xxxx/xx/xxx/" permission denied and then instructions to check manager.conf

I got it to work by logging on as root before running make install. There are some instructions to do a chown -R asterisk in some other post but that only got me a message " chown asterisk invalid user"

You have to run ‘make install’ as root, that’s why we suggest using “sudo” (super user do, same as running as root)