[INFO] g729

I need one information. I think that I have read thad use of this
digium.com/index.php?menu=pr … oduct=G729
codec (g729) is free for testing purpose. If it’s truth, where can I get registration codes so that I can “activate” them? I have looked on Digium pages but I couldn’t find anything.

Thank you!


It looks that this codec isn’t free for anything or anybody (even for student testing). Now I need another information. When I buy two licences and aply it to two Asterisk for testing. Afther that I can aplly them again to another two Asterisk (removing them from first two) without paying or contacting anybody. Afther that when I wona to pass that licence to third pair of Asterisk servers, do I have to buy new licences? I will do lots of instaling in next few weeks I need to know how much will I have to pay.

Thank you!

Have you tried emailing sales@digium.com and asking them?