g729 for *NOW

I’ve just downloaded the vmware version of the asterisk-now,
I would like to use the g729 codec. Is there some non-comercial version of g729 that i could use ?


there is a nonrestricted version that is available. However there are a very narrow range of uses for it. You can use it for educational purposes, ie to study it. You can’t use it for noncommercial production uses that I am aware of (IE non profit biz or home).
If you are setting up a small system, don’t cheap out… it’s only $10/channel and that helps Digium (which is generally a good thing as they support Asterisk development)

Of course if you live in a country that has no IP laws or does not recognize USA IP laws, then you can legally use the free one as much as you want.

it’s linked somewhere from voip-info.org, you can find it if you look for it.

Thanks for the reply!


/me admits to “persuading” clients who use non-Digium hardware with Asterisk to buy 10-20 G729 licences “just in case” !!!