Question about IAX


I have two servers comunicated with IAX. Is there any way to do a call from an extension in serverA to the PSTN of serverB?

One server is in Spain, and the other in Portugal, and I want to do calls from spain to numbers in Portugal from the server in Portugal. Is it posible?

Thank you

Hi, We have the setup working with seven sites here in Australia

All numbers that start with 5475 will be dialed from server

exten => _5475XXXX,1,Dial(IAX2/@${EXTEN},45,Tt)
exten => _5475XXXX,2,Congestion

Thank you for your help, but I do not want to comunicate with another sip extension, I want to do a call to a number outside my asterisk server in the other place.

Any idea?

It dials Zap (POT line) for us; eg. someone in our Cairns office dials a Brisbane number; the call will be made from our the Brisbane Asterisk Box. Local call as there is about 1500KM between them.

Post your configs; IAX, extensions and zapata

Thank you, you were right. I have a typo in my conf files.

Thank you again :smiley: