Vitelity call quality problems

I’m running Asterisk 1.2.18 and I use Vitlelity for my incoming (SIP) calls. About 1 in ten callers lately can hear us ok, but we hear just buzzing when they talk, sounds like a badly overdriven speaker. When they call right back, most often the call is fine. We have no trouble with our outgoing calls but we moved those from Vitelity to a different provider because of a different type of quality issue.

Vitelity tech support is of no value whatsoever - they always blame the ISP, yet my outgoing call have been flawless thru another provider.

Short of switching my incoming call provider, can anyone suggest a cure?

Did you find a new provider? I have been having nightmare problems with Vitelity support and will be changing asap. Just curious who you went with as Vitelity is no longer an option. Support is horrible. Thanks.

Actually I’m still with Vitelity. The problems I described have since gone away and we’ve even switched our outgoing calls back to them. We have as many as 4 calls at once incoming using SIP and g729a. I’ve also switched from soft phones to IP phones and that helped alot.