Incoming calls not working


I am using Asterisk 1.4.21 on powerpc platform.
I am trying to make a incoming call from a softphone to Grandstream Hardphone ,
I am not able to receive the incoming call.(Call is blank even after i receive the call)
I am able to make an outgoing call without any issues.

Note :

  • Softphone to softphone calls are working (both Incoming and outgoing)
  • There is no firewall or router interfence.
    Please suggest some solution

Deepak BK

I assume these are SIP phones?

There is little point in trying to think about these problems without hard information such as SIP trace and verbose console output. If one could work from the information provided so far, you would be better off using Google.


The below log can be found , during this incoming call failure case :

chan_sip.c: Remote host can’t match request BYE to call ‘0a1cc965192e7eee6246bb74037cc52b@’. Giving up.

Is there ant configuration issue?
Please suggest solution


Insufficient information. Unlikely to be configuration error on Asterisk.

Verbose logging might help here…