Incoming call disconnect issue


Calls gets disconnected exactly after 32 seconds.
what might be the reason. Please suggest.
No log is generated in /var/log/asterisk/messages in this scenario.

Deepak BK

The folloing assumes that you are using SIP.

If nothing appears in the log, you don’t have a high enough verbosity level AND the call is being normally cleared by the remote side.

Around 32 seconds normally means that a response has not been received. As there is a weak indication that the remote side is not seeing the response, I would initially assume a firewall problem. (Outgoing ones can happen when re-invites (directmedia, connected line updates) are not handled well by the remote side, but Asterisk would log an error.)

If Asterisk is receiving a request, but the response is not getting back, sip set debug on output will give some clues.