Call disconnects after 30 seconds

Well, even doing all that, I have serious problems. My calls are cut off after 30 seconds, apparently because I do not receive the ACK.

I read the zombie thread that you originally replied to and I felt a lot of the information there was questionable.

You are going to have to provide us with details of network topology and configuration for any useful reply. Note, I think the original predated chan_pjsip, but you should be using that.

Incoming calls cut off after 32 seconds are normally because of the wrong Contact address being sent in the 200 OK. This is controlled by external_signalling_address, for chan_pjsip.

If you have SIP-ALG on your router, you should disable it.

If the source is actually local, it can also be the result of failing to the list the source’s address address under local_nets.

I’m assuming the INVITE hasn’t been sent multiple time, and this has only happened to the 200 OK.

It is a little more complex, the provider receives well in invite, and returns the ACK to me, but at some point it is lost. I guess on the firewall. I have asked them to change the NAT for port forwarding if this is solved.

Exactly where did you confirm the ACK was last seen? The provider can still send it it the wrong address.

According to the provider, it sends them to the public IP, and also without being able to explain why, also to the internal firewall (the LAN). And yet it does not reach me to astersik

You need to use sngrep or tcpdump to see whether they are reaching Asterisk (they capture outside the Linux firewall). Also you need to use “pjsip set logger on” to make sure the correct Contact address is being sent in the INVITE.

Note that tcpdump* will see inbound packets before the on host iptable filtering so if you see stuff with tcpdump and not in Asterisk, there’s a clue.

*) I’ve never used sngrep to watch an interface, only to examine PCAP files. I don’t know if has the same perspective.

I haven’t used sngrep, but it seems to be popular with the FreePBX community and my impression is that it can capture in the same way as tcpdump.

It does.

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