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I have set up asterisk 1.4.44 (not using the latest because I have to use vicidial which is not compatible with latest asterisk).

I could not get this particular requirement working with vicidial. So I thought better I understand how to do in only Asterisk.

Requirement: I will have an inbound group with some extension say extension say 8001. I have multple agents for this group on diffrent extensions say 201,202, 203, 204.
customer is on extension 601, suppose he calls 8001, call should be routed to next available agent(201 or 202 0r 203 or 204). All agents will be SIP softphones.

I have done the basic set up of regsitering two SIP sofphones and calling each other. Now how I should proceed to do this configuration…

could anyone tell me…


The fact that you have extesions for these devices is largely irrelevant; you have multiple devices.

If you want to have least recently used type scheduling, in Asterisk, you would need to use queues. For first fit, you could also us the & operator between the list of devices in the Dial application parameters.

Thanks David.

Sorry … I may be using wrong terminology … extension…

Basically. It is a call center system for inbound calls. I have a phone number for customer support 8001.
Agents will on different phones 201,202,203,204.

A customer on phone 601 when calls 8001, it should go to any of the available agents 201 or 202 or 203 or 204.

I have added entries for 8001, 201, 203, 203,204,601 in sip.conf and extensions.conf. Now I don’t know how to setup so that when person 601 calls 8001 it should go to any one of the available agents…

It is bad practice to use guessable numbers for devices. Have the dialplan map simple extension numbers to unguessable device names.

Apart from that, as I said, you can user queues for the general case, or the & notation on Dial, if you don’t mind a first fit.

Thanks David.

I am going through chaprter 13 in Asterisk - Definitive guide 3rd Edition(Asterisk 1.8).

I am using Asterisk 11.4 in my system.

could you please tell me if the configruation files format/template will be the same in Asterisk 1.8 and 11.4 or there any changes in both templates for queues.conf file ?

Better you go through … k-ACD.html. This is specific to Asterisk 11.

–Satish Barot