Inbound dont automatically pick up

Asterisk 13.18.1
Centos 7

I have two asterisk box named the following Ast1 and Ast2
Ast1 is registered to endpoint in Ast2

When I dial to Ast2 in dialplan, is it possible not to make a ring sound?
i tried dial(PJSIP/12345@test,r()) but not working

I want Ast2 to act as a softphone where it doesnt answer unless it says answer not sure if its possible
I have Ast1 dialing to Ast2 but is it possible to make Ast2 not pick up automatically once in dialplan?
I dont even have same => n, Answer() setup in Ast2 but it still pick up automatically, instead is it possible to make it ring?

you can try Ringing() which indicates ringing to the caller. What form this indication takes depends on the channel driver. you can try also Playtones() .

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I’m confused. Half that question seems to want ringback tone and half seems to not want it.

Asterisk wll not answer a call unless you tell it to, or you do something that requires it to, so we would need to see your dialplan and logs to confirm that it is answering and why.

Note that with SIP, it is normally the calling phone that produces the ringback tone.

The r option in dial can only send a Ringing indication before the call is answered.


sorry if my post was confusing, let me clarify…


  1. I want to call the Ast2 server and NOT make the ring sound. Reason: I dont want the client on the phone to know Im dialing to another server because I tried it myself and I hear the ring tone for 1 second then it routes to Ast2 Server Queue then plays the on-hold music.

  2. I notice when the caller does go to Ast2 Server, the dial plan automatically picks up without my using the applications Answer();
    Example: If I were to have this in my dial-plan, it goes directly to Playback(digits/1) etc…
    instead of just keeping ringing…
    exten => 1111,1,NoOp(TEST)
    same => n, Playback(digits/1)
    same => n, Playback(digits/2)
    same => n, Playback(digits/3)
    same => n, Hangup()

Playback and Background Answer the call

ah! Thanks thats why!
Anyway to dial without making ring sound?

You can use m ( class ) option with a silience sound

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exactly what i was looking for THANK!!

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