Continue 2 Dialing at the same time on particular cases


In my company, we have differents Asterisk servers to get incoming calls. Marketing people get call from our software who’s connected to differents asterisk Server. At the same time, some employees in my company get calls from there physical phones and they are connected to an other Asterisk Server. Incoming calls come from the same specific phone number and here’s ma dialing configuration :

exten => astubilocal,1,Dial(SIP/fromgateway${mylocalext}@astlocal&SIP/fromgateway${mylocalext}@astsoftware)

The problem is that, the software take the line and put it in queue until someone take the call. So calls on hard phones don’t ring because it’s like calls are picked up on the other channel.

Any options on dial to keep calls ringing on hard phone ?

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dont answer the call, let it ring, once the call is answered ring will stop on the other devices, On the dial plan you remove answer() app before queue(), if is an extenal software you nee to control it in there

Thank you ambiorixg, it worked. I had an Answer() in my dialplan, just deleted it and now it’s fine.

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