iLBC doesn't work

i cann’t find, how to install iLBC.

does it come with asterisk 1.4?
the same question with GSM… thanks

With every Install i have done they come standard with the Install, so they should be there :confused:

However since i dont use iLBC or GSM CoDec’s i don’t know if they need be used in Pass through mode due to licensing issues, but i am sure someone else can verify that.

Can you also maybe post your SIP.CONF configuration on here (Not the whole thing only the relevant parts I.E your Peers/Friends) this way we can see if you have that part of Asterisk setup to use those CoDec’s.



;allow=ulaw ;(g711)64 Kbps, sample-based
;allow=alaw ;(g711)64 Kbps, sample-based
allow=ilbc ;15Kbps,20ms frame size: 13.3 Kbps, 30ms frame size
;allow=gsm ;13 Kbps (full rate), 20ms frame size

the error in console says

[Mar 19 14:35:58] NOTICE[27612]: chan_sip.c:5153 process_sdp: No compatible codecs, not accepting this offer!

also i found on wiki

that " Music or tones such as DTMF or fax tones cannot be transported reliably with this codec". and i mostly need asterisk for interactive system. (asterisk ask, customer dial the option).

Is it true? it is better not to use G729 if i have interactive system?

[quote=“bellorusha”]the error in console says

[Mar 19 14:35:58] NOTICE[27612]: chan_sip.c:5153 process_sdp: No compatible codecs, not accepting this offer![/quote]

This is the one i am interested in, shooting for the moon here, but this error gets brought up when you are making an outbound call or inbound call?



outbound call… (trying to call from “bell” station to anywhere)

when i try to call to “bell” station from diffiernt station it’s giving busy signal

Well your choices are a few to be honest, you can use:


If your going to do IVR or anything like that you would want to work in that order, whilst there is noting wrong with G.729 CoDoc, i am just not a big fan of it especially when it comes to voice prompts. At any given time we have about 90-140 PSTN and SIP calls on various servers and we keep everything at uLAW level, purley for the reason it is best to try and keep as close as possible to the original source of the file.

So if you are going to use G.729 CoDec then i recommend using WAV or GSM files, however if your going to use uLAW or aLAW or even G.726 CoDec’s i suggest you have the files encoded in those formats so that where there is less resources requirement of the system to trans code the voice.

But lets first sort out your CoDec Issue.

Can you check your Module directory and see if the CoDec’s are listed in there I.E check for the CoDec name and for the .so extension.



this is my modules.conf

; Asterisk configuration file
; Module Loader configuration file

; Any modules that need to be loaded before the Asterisk core has been
; initialized (just after the logger has been initialized) can be loaded
; using ‘preload’. This will frequently be needed if you wish to map all
; module configuration files into Realtime storage, since the Realtime
; driver will need to be loaded before the modules using those configuration
; files are initialized.
; An example of loading ODBC support would be:
;preload =>
;preload =>
; Uncomment the following if you wish to use the Speech Recognition API
;preload =>
; If you want, load the GTK console right away.
; Don’t load the KDE console since
; it’s not as sophisticated right now.
noload =>
;load =>
noload =>
load =>
; Load either OSS or ALSA, not both
; By default, load OSS only (automatically) and do not load ALSA
noload =>
;noload =>

i understand that ulaw and alaw is much better, but i do not have much of a bandwith and i expect system to have 10 calls at the same time minimum…

Then use G.729 CoDec it will do what you want to do just fine :wink:

As for looking in your Modules folder, the directory should be:


Look in there and see what CoDec’s you have there, this should tell you what is on your system.



ook… my bad… did not see that this is USR/lib/asterisk and not /var/lib

ok… the folder is there and “” is there. .so i just added “load =>” to my modules.conf and it do not work anyway.

any advise?

just want to add that, gsm and g726 doesn’t work too,. so the only codes i have is alaw and ulaw.,

ok… just found out that all those codecs do no work with my phone (i have cisco 7960) but with soft phone everything works… now i have a question. how do i check what codec is used by the soft phone?