[help] ilbc bug?

hi all! good day, anyone who’ve been using ilbc codecs in asterisk? it’s a good codec but my problem is i can’t hear a ringing tone when i’m dialing out, no tone when the call is in progress and the next thing is you’ll hear the other end answering already. is this a bug of the codec ilbc coz when i switch to g726 or pcma/pcmu i can hear a ring when my call is in progress. anyone who can help me with this or can give my a thing to read on here on the net about that problem? thanks in advance! :smile:

hi! my calls are muted. i can’t hear any ringback tone when dialing outside or to another sip client. one more is when the callee has primary codec set other than ilbc, i can’t hear his/her audio but she/he can hear me. anyone who’ve worked this out to work in asterisk? or anyone who direct me to something i can read, probably a solution to this problem?

Are you calling out via an internet telephony service? If so, you should sign up with a different one - one that also supports ILBC - and see if you have the same problem with that.

Obviously nobody on this forum has had the same problem and i’m sure at least some of them have used ILBC without any problems - i know i have - so i doubt it’s a bug in the codec. This sounds like a problem at the ITSPs end.

hi! no i’m not using any. im just trying it on a tdm fxo card. i registered 10 sip clients in my asterisk box and set to allow ilbc as the primary codec. and that’s where the problem started , my calls are muted when i’m calling another sip client and when calling outside to a pots line, i cant hear any ringback tone, next thing is the callee’s already talking to me. maybe there’s something in asterisk that i still has to set but i dont know.

Why do you want to use ILBC?

I’ve never seen this problem, you probably just have something in your equation that does not support iLBC (or does not negotiate it).

hi! i think i’ve resolved it already. did some configs on the hardphones…i just want to try all the codecs, one by one i mean to know their differences. i can see that g729 and g723 aren’t free. :smile: thanks to you guys by the way! merry xmas! :smile: