iLBC and other codecs not working


I have a setup of 2 grand stream up phones and an asterisk server.
I can make calls using the pcmu and pcma codecs but I can’t make call with other codecs like iLBC, G729A/B, G726-32 etc.

Is there a command I need to add to allow those codecs to work?

Kind responses.


They need to be allowed in the respective section of the SIP channel driver you are using.

There are other considerations if you expect the Asterisk daemon to actually transcode into or out of these, as may be required if different codecs are chosen for different legs, inband tones need to be played, conferencing, or some recordiing facilities are used, you want to play back messages for which versions recorded using hte codec have not been supplied, etc.

How do I allow them. In the sip.conf or extension.conf?
Please help me with the code. The attached is my config in my sip.conf


What I want is to make calls(video/audio) with other codecs apart from pcmu and pcma.

Below is my extensions.conf config

The “allow” lines control the allowed codecs. You’d need to add ilbc, g726, g729, and whatever else you want.

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