Idea: Sip-Server to control my door, how to do?

Hi together,
I would like to use my Cisco 8861 phone to open my door. The phone is connected to a third party sip provider but I can add more IP lines to it. I do have a door with a automatic release. My idea is to use my Cisco IP phone in order to open the door (via a relais, f.e. behind a raspberry pi).

Idea was to setup an asterisk server (on the raspberry pi). Then I would like to add this server to my phone and somehow configure a certain button on the phone, which will interact with asterisk. This button could just send something to the server (e.g. a certain number etc), and then I would like asterisk to call a script, which triggers then my relais.

Question is: How to start with asterisk, any idea? Any additional info oder hint in which direction I should look?


I’d install Asterisk on your Pi, and create a sip endpoint configuration that will allow you to call it from a softphone for testing.

define a extension in your dialplan that uses the System() command to execute a script that triggers your relay to open the door.

Using Raspberry PI GPIO Python library and realy module you can do this, I did it on the past to turn on and off my house’s lights

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