Sip client that can execute a script?

Anyone know of a sip client that is capable of executing a script as a missed call notification? Im trying to make a raspberry pi run a python script when it has a missed call.

I don’t know the capabilities of the Pi. Can it run Asterisk or some subset thereof? Asterisk is a SIP client as well as a SIP server, and can run a script as a result of an Invite message. Perhaps there is a SIP client available for the Pi where you can customize its “call processing” to execute arbitrary code?

yes it can run asterisks I dident realize it could be a sip client as well Ill read up on that thanks

SIP client and server don’t necessarily mean what you mean by client and server.

In fact, in the situation you described you actually want a SIP server that can execute a script, not a SIP client.

Asterisk is also a user agent for all SIP calls through it, as it is a back to back user agent. Where it is weak is that it only has token support for directly driving audio interfaces, so you may need a soft phone as well as Asterisk.

What you meant by SIP client is probably what is normally called a soft phone.