Iaxy and cvs head

Hi all,

After upgrading to latest CVS head, I have problems using a IAXY device,
having slin problems:

Jun 15 18:59:31 NOTICE[8197]: channel.c:1475 ast_read: Dropping
incompatible voice frame on IAX2/lise-1 of format slin since our native
format has changed to ulaw

Because of that outside caller can’t ear the callee on the IAXY.

Found somewhere that disabling transcode in asterisk.conf would fix the
problem, so I added, not sure of the syntax the following section in


That didn’t work, and I am not sure I am using the wright syntax…

I have revert back to stable release and everything is ok, but I want to
test SCOPSERV-VoIP and it requires version 1.07 or higher…