ChanSpy performance sub-optimal

I’m trying to get ChansSpy to work. It works, in the pass/fail sense, but it is difficult to understand the various speakers. I can hear users on our end just fine, but the other end sounds like their going through a vocoder, if I can understand them at all. Otherwise it is just garbled. We are using the following setup: all of our phones are SIP phones; for our outgoing calls we make use of a voice PRI, but for incoming calls (and failover in case the PRI goes down) we use an IAX2 provider. Hearing our internal SIP users works OK, it’s just anyone else, whether we’re talking to them via a Zap channel or our incoming IAX2 provider (VoicePulse, in case you’re interested).

I’m using the CVS-HEAD version (Asterisk CVS HEAD built by on a i686 running Linux on 2005-09-09 21:45:02 UTC) since that’s the only one I could get to work on our new hardware. The machine that we’re using has the following specs: Dell Power Edge 2650 with dual Xeon 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, and a Digium TE210P T1 adapter. Our peak load is roughly 30 users.

I hope that’s enough info.