Speex on 1.2

Does anyone have the Speex codec running on 1.2?

I get the following error

channel.c:1893 ast_read: Dropping incompatible voice frame on IAX2/iaxvoiptalkout-2 of format alaw since our native format has changed to speex

Can anyone give a clue as to what the above means?


Not really, but what codecs does that ITSP offer? And what have you got configured in iax.conf for them?

I’ve installed the codec manually, and when I do a rebuild of asterisk it picks it up and installs the driver for it.

What I’m trying to determine is if this error is being caused by the provider, in this case voiptalk, not supporting the codec properly, or is it an asterisk problem. I’m starting to suspect that for some reason, the format that is used on the phones talking to * (a/ulaw) is not being translated to speex. This doesn’t seem to be a generic version problem, as the same issue occurs on 1.092.

My next step will be to try this between to * boxes using iax to try to eliminate *. But I have a sneaking suspision it’s an * setup issue.

As for iax, calls to the provider are fine with the more common protocols, but if I specify only Speex, the call goes through, rings once and then I get a fist full of those errors until the call times out at the other end.

(The provider claims they support Speex)