IAX softphone rings while im on a call

Is there a way to prevent asterisk from calling my IAX softphone while i’m on a call, or is that something the soft phone can be set to do? If so does anyone have a good softphone to suggest?

What exactly do you want to have happen instead? I assume that by your posting, callers are getting busy signals? That sort of thing is generally dependent the people providing you your IAX softphone connection. Generally, the special features that you describe are done at the PBX end, where call forwarding or voicemail can be integreated.

Assuming that you have access to the Asterisk server, or administrators, you can do just about anything you want with the call from taking a simple message to forwarding it to someone else on the planet or make them hear music in queue until you are able to answer it.

Explain what you might like to see, and I’m pretty sure that it could be explained how it might be made to happen.

I’m surprised he sees this behavior. I’d’ve thought asterisk would give the caller a “the party at extension XXX is on the phone…”

No, not always. Depends on how and what you have installed.

I’m not sure what you’re saying. If you have the incoming calls and extensions set up, why would asterisk think the extension was NOT busy? can you elaborate?

I would like the asterisk server to regcognize that I am on a call (the IAX channel is busy) and proceed to the next step in the dial plan. The soft phone I’m using can handle 2 calls at once and I see no way of chaging the soft phone behavior.

Sorry, I was trying to get an idea of the behavior that your callers are currently experiencing when you are on a call on your IAX softphone and they call in. Are they getting busy signal? Dead air? Disconnected?

What version of Asterisk are you running? Using @home?

Hi again. If I’m on a call and a second call comes in, the second caller hears the phone ringing as I do - and it is actually ringing… I can answer the call if I choose to since my softphone can handle 2 calls at once. But I don’t want that to happen - I’d rather have asterisk recognizee that I’m on a call and proceed to the next step in the dialplan. Any thoughts?