[HELP] Avoid busy signal by allowing user to switch lines

I’ve only started working with asterisk and as my first step I set up a box with Asterisk@Home 2.2.

Currently I have 5 computers with software phone connected to asterisk and I can receive and make calls, including putting calls on hold or transfer them.
Incoming calls ring on every phone and wait for the first person to answer it.

Currently there are 2 things bothering me:

  • Whenever someone calls and every one is busy (or the software not running), asterisk just answers and hangs up.

  • When someone tries to call an extension that is busy I get the busy signal (of course!).

To solve both problems I would like asterisk to send the call to the extension whether it is busy or not, just holding it in an “empty line” on the software.

In others words, I would like the user to decide whether he will interrupt the current call to take the new one or just “let it ring”

Is this possible?

I think this is an easy question for asterisk gurus, so I will rephrase it in case I wasn’t clear:

I just want to be able to control the behavior when an extension is called and is busy:

Busy signal - what is happening


Hold the call and notify the user (by opening another line in the SIP)

In your dialconfig you probably have something like this:

1, 1, Dial user
1, 2, Hangup

Instead, you need to do one of the two options - may work for you

1,1, Dial user - if user is busy or not there, fail and goto n+101
1,102, voicemail


1,1, Dial user - if user is busy or not there, fail and goto n+101
1,102, Dial user line 2 - if fail then goto voicemail
1,203, voicemail

The question for you is whether you have two or more lines on your phones. If you do this can work. If not, then does your phone have options to stutter with call waiting?

You can also send them into a queue if you don’t want to do voicemail.