Call a softphone from an external number

hi asterisk guys :smile:

I need help with asterisk for a problem

I want make calls from an external number (for example my home phone) to a softphone of my asterisk server, simply dialing the phone number of the location (when the asterisk server is located) followed by the softphone selected


when I dial from my home phone 123456-401 the softphone with the id 401 of the asterisk server (number 123456) ring.

how i can configure the asterisk server for this function?

thanks a lot!

Don’t quote me but I don’t think you can do this. If you’re dialing from an external line, the PSTN provider will not know what to do with the -401 extension.

You can setup your * server to send all incoming calls to extension 401 or give the caller a chance to dial 401 once your * server answers the call.

You can find many examples of how to set this up in the * TFOT manual.


mmm… and can I make that any external call will be received by the asterisk server that after (with a calling rule or someelse) will redirect the call to a softphone or an analog phone connected to the architecture?

I made some tests… and i added this kind of rule in extensions.conf:

exten=_1234567890XXX,1, Dial(SIP/1/${EXTEN:10})
exten=_1234567890XXX,102, Dial(IAX/1/${EXTEN:10})

What happens is that when i dial the number 1234567890XXX Asterisk recives the call but no SIP nor IAX phone rings.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong?

Hi Bigmez

I wouldn’t have thought this is possible.

About the closest you could get is to have asterisk pickup the phone when the the main number rings and ask them to dial the extension of the person they wish to speak to.

Failing that, you would need to get ISDN with DID’s


If the inbound lines are made by cellphone you can call the main number and add the internal number as dtmft tones to be send.

p401# to be called from cellphone

You can add the p by pressing * three times fast (nokia) or keep it pressed (SamSung). Other brands should have there own way of adding a “p” into a dial string

If you catch the tones in a variable using the Read function and dial the variable it should work. I don’t think it is a full solution for what you had in mind but maybe it helps.

exten => , 1, Answer()
exten => ,n,Dial(SIP/${NUMBER_INTERN},20,rt}
exten => ,n,Hangup()