IAX Provider? anyone have input?

Looking for a IAX provider for my home * box.

I would like someone cheap, but with decent quality and fast customer service.

I have signed up with two who claim they can supply my area, but I am on a waiting list for them to get the DID to me. So I have outbound, but no inbound.

Anyone have any recomendations?


i can recommend exgn. signed up and got a DID automatically. avoid nufone like the plague…

I can recommend International Telecom 907-349-6557, they are a cleint of ours with there main switching located in Utah. Thier VoIP is provided via IBeX so they can provide you with an IAX2 connection.

Give them a call.

EXGN works fine, im using it

thanks for the replies all.

Actually, one of the two I have tried is EXGN.

I have been waiting since Last week for my DID to be assigned, and they are not answering emails from tech support.

The other one I signed up with and waiting to see about is IAX.cc., or sixtel company.

My account with both is active, and just waiting for the DID.

Let me tell you, its no fun living in the middle of BumFk Nowhere.

They say they cover the area, then when u go to request the DID, they say they have to order that one and leave me waiting.

I’ll check out the other one you listed here and see what they say.

Anyway, Thanks to you all for the info.