IAX Hard phones US?

Anyone know the status or why there does not seem to be any IAX phones for the North American market? Over time I have been searching for some. A long time ago I found a few resellers that supposedly had IAX phones coming in shortly. As time past I just figured they were not going to get them.

I can find easily phones for Europe and Asia. I assume this is the result of awaiting FCC approval?

fcc doesn’t have anything to do with the protocol they use. IAX is a very small market, given that SIP works perfectly fine on Asterisk AND most other commercial platforms out there. From a telephone perspecitve, I wouldn’t count on IAX catching on too fast.


The FCC does have to approve the device though before it can be sold within the US.

SIP works fine for LANs, but is not an ideal solution for remote connection to an asterisk server, or for any IP PBX for that matter.