IAX2 Phones availability

I am in the US and have looked for ages now for an IAX2 phone. Currently I have a SIP Cisco phones which work fine on the internal network, but are useless beyond. One of the great features of Asterisk when I first came aware of it was the usage of IAX2 which was much more efficient working with firewalls. So for several years now I seem to ask the same question, kind of hoping maybe someone can give me any info on where to buy, or why they are not available. Has Digium ever looked into selling phones as well?

I have an ATCOM 530 IAX2 phone. Not the quality of Cisco but it’s much cheaper also. See on www.atcom.cn

Well aside from one seller in China on Ebay who has these AT-530s, there is no source in North America it seems, especially in the US. There is not a chance in hell I would buy something like this from Ebay. I just find it strange that nobody even seems to be interested in not selling, but distributing these phones. Are they of such poor quality nobody wants to deal with them? SIP is great for internal use, but across the internet it just is not a solution. On the other hand an IAX2 phone I could send to anyone anywhere and they could start making calls.