Why no IAX phones?

Does anyone know why commercial IP phone vendors are so against including IAX support? I see requests for this all over the place, including their own customer forums. I’ve contacted a number of vendors directly and all they’ll say is “we have no plans to support IAX.” Period. They act like I’m proposing something dirty.

Of course they’re all over SIP, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Why not include both? It’s a free, open protocol, and it would add value to their products. Does IAX have cooties?

I’m thankful for the KIAX and iaxComm softphones, at any rate. But I sure would like to see more choices, especially in hardphones.


Its simple. Sales volume. Yep in the Asteisk world we think IAX is big. but its not when you compare it to the quantity of SIP endpoints in the world.

Its simple supply and demand. :frowning: