I wish to create an enviroment, but how?

Hi all,

The past week I’m investigating in the possibilities to create an own voice response server.

Solution 1:
I had a possibilities called a call managers.
(devices cost like 5000 euro.) and an additional IVR manager. (Costing like 10.000 euro.) in combination with a VoiP service profider. (Putting calls to a certain number trough ethernet to my callmanager.)

Solution 2:
A windows based software package.
(license like 300 euro per 2 concurrent lines.) which connects trough a SIP gateway (am I saying this right?) and making incomming calls possible.

Now both solutions are quite expensive for experimenting purpose.
Is the thing I wish to do. (Only receive calls, multiple concurrent lines.) Possible with Asterisk? (I only have ethernet/internet.)

And I can manage Asterisk to to fetch call information, and write this to external software (PHP / MySQL, or something else.) when the session starts / stops?

As I stated, I’m quite new in this field :smile:
I believe I got the pieces on the right spot, but looking for a bit confirmation here.

Kind regards,

With Asterisk everything is possible - if you have enough time and wish of cource:)
Asterisk is perfect for experiments but also is perfect for production.

You will need computer - get better one. Preferable (for you) Linux distro. And that is all.
There are tools for call centers - you will need only to learn how to instal them. Asterisk works with all proprietary (or may be wit most) solutions.

Read AsteriskTFOT.pdf.
If you dont know from where to get it - Google.com :smile:))))