How to start a business with Asterisk?Terminate nd Originate

Hi, I am new to Asterisk. I have only downloaded it and set it up on my laptop to see how it looks.

I would like to know if there is the possibility to start a business with Asterisk. I know people who send traffic and some who needs them, so I need something like a softswitch to do this. Softswitch is too expensive and I want to start with low budget first to get some experience before I invest more, but at the same time I want to make enough money to leave my current job which is in telecom!

I need your help with these questions:

1- Can Asterisk give me the good quality I need to keep the customers happy?
2- How many concurrent calls can it support? (Just an estimation is good as I know the exact number depends on many factors)
3- What do I need to purchase (Beside the server) from Asterisk and other equipments
4- Can I start this at home and still be able to provide good quality
5- How much do I need to spend to start this and is there any monthly fee I have to spend

By the way all I need is internet type connections so I guess I will be using SIP, and H232.


Hi. They are a lots of companys using asterisk as voip server. Including Big enterprises like Claro, Verizon,etc…

1-Asterisk will give you the best possible quality depending of the network configuration, remember that in this case you are going to manage voip, i mean, voice in real time and at any time you make an error, your costumbers will be affected.
Today the mayory of companys offering voip terminations and originadion, dids,etc… are using asterisk.
So i think asterisk is really good for all. All depend of the use you make.
2- I think i read on internet that a recommendation limit of 200 SIP users per PBX using 256 or 512 of ram but i don’t remember so well.
3-Just a really good server, or you can retail a proffesional server (vps or dedicated) in the best quality and most fasted servers is: Really trust in my, i really recommend this hosting provider. The Best ever!
4- Not at home, because you will have to pay a lots of money to retail a big bandwitdh internet connection. Retail a vps or dedicated server in will be: More secure, Realiable, you don’t have to pay for internet connections, UPS, electricity, supervision,etc…
5- ThePlanet is not too cheap, but its my best recommendation. Maybe 30usd per month,chat with sales in the page;