About to launch a new project

A very good evening to you all folks.
I am a NIT AGARTALA student and having a project to launch in my state.
For that What I need is:
I want to build up a typical call centre which will be expecting a traffic of 50 concurrent calls/sec.
But the main thing is there will be no agent to take those calls in addition to that when a user from his cell phone will dial our no we shall deduct their balance of #3 and a new request will be send to the server.
In return server will respond to that request by sending a text message.
Can it be done by Asterisk software?
If yes what will be the hardware requirements for that and their relevant cost?
Is there any developer is required ?

This doesn’t make sense:

You can have 50 concurrent calls, or 50 calls per second. The former is well within the capability of Asterisk; the latter will be pushing it to its limits - that number of busy hour call attempts is typical of a backbone main network switch, not a PABX. Your PSTN provider may have to make special provisions to cope with that load.

The functions can probably be done using Asterisk as at toolkit, but you will need to do some programming.

You will never get sizing advice in forums, only statements of what others have achieved with their particular traffic characteristics.

Q#1:Can the deduction of the balance is possible ?
Q#2: can you please illustrate what are the components that will be required in my call centre.
and yes that line does not make any sense.Sorry :frowning: :frowning:

Q1: Asterisk can be part of the solution.

Q2: A computer capable of running Linux and at least one of one of the following:

  • an ethernet interface, broadband connection and friendly ITSP and to a friendly SMS centre to inject the SMS messages into the network.;
  • sufficient ISDN PCI cards to support the traffic and sufficient GSM terminals for your SMS origination rate;
  • sufficient ISDN USB devices, and sufficient GSM terminals;
  • some other appropriate combination.

NB the GSM terminal approach would probably not be allowable in the UK, because you are not using it for your internal traffic.

Basically, you need a consultant, from your company, with expertise on the telecoms market and telecoms legislation, as well as on PC telephony hardware.