I want to create a Time Group and Time Condition Programatically


New to asterisk and I am looking into API support to create Time Condition and Time Group programmatically. Are there any way to create them using API call or some Java library. I have looked into Asterisk Java and AMI, AGI, ARI but couldnt find any native api or api endpoints to create and attach time conditions and group.

Any information will be really healpful

No, there is no built in API interface for such a thing. It can be done in dialplan, that’s it. Anything else would be something you write.

can you suggest me any resources how to write by myself

That’s an extremely open ended question, so not really.

You’ve used capital letters as though these were the names of constructs built into Asterisk. All Asterisk has is GoToIfTime, and time dependent contexts, together with lower lever abilities to do calculations on times.

If you are using something that already implements these concepts, you should use its peer support channels.

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