Time Condition


I work for a company in STL that uses asterisk to put VoIP into businesses. We are trying to set up a after hours Time Condition/Time Groups to set up an after hours time schedules for people being on call. Heres the logic:

Inbound Call -> Time Condition (OfficeHoursWithOnCall)
Time Group: Biz Hours Time Start 7 - 18 mon - fri
Matches -> RingGroup (regular phone Ext)
Doesn’t Match -> Time Condition (mondayAfterhours)
Time Group: mondayAfterHours Time Start 18-7 Mon-tues
Matches: Ring Group mondayAfterHours( goes to some ones cell phone)
Doesn’t Match: Time Condition (tuesdayAfterHours)
Time Group: tuesdayAfterHours Time Start 18-7 Tues-wed
Matches: Ring Group tuesdayAfterHours( goes to some one elses cell phone)
Doesn’t Match: Time Condition (wednesdayAfterHours)

And so and and so forth.
Everyday there is someone else’s cell phone its suppose to go to. The problem we are having is that its always a day ahead. I.E. On tuesday after hours schedule its been ringing the Monday afterHours ring group and goes to the wrong cell phone.

We saw a pattern when we did a time condition for labor day, and it started a day earlier than what it was suppose to be. The senario here was they were leaving Thursday night at 5 and wouldn’t be back til the following Wednesday in the morning.

Incoming Call -> Time Condition (laborDay)
Time Group: Labor Day Time Start 17 - 8
Week Start Thursday - Wednesday
Month Start 30-5 Aug - Sept
Matches: Announcement(labor day - saying theyll be back on wed sept 5)
Doesn’t Match: Time Condition (Regular Biz Hours)

The Problem was that it started going back to the regular biz hours on the 4th at 8 am.

Is there some kind of bug in asterisk? Is there a better way to make this tree? Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Henderson
IT Support Manager
Connected, LLC

This looks like configuration for some sort of GUI front end to Asterisk, not for Aserisk itself.