Building Asterisk 13.8.0 on CentOS 6.7 with with-pjproject-bundled failes


I was trying out 13.8.0 happy for not needing to build PJSIP seperate on my CentOS 6.7 server. This is what happend.

./contrib/scripts/install_prereq install

./configure --libdir=/usr/lib64 --with-pjproject-bundled

[pjproject] Unpacking /tmp/pjproject-2.4.5.tar.bz2
[pjproject] Applying patches
[pjproject] Applying config_site.h
[pjproject] Applying user.mak
[pjproject] Configuring with --prefix=/opt/pjproject --with-external-speex --with-external-gsm --with-external-srtp --with-external-pa --disable-video --disable-v4l2 --disable-sound --disable-opencore-amr --disable-ilbc-codec --without-libyuv --disable-g7221-codec --enable-epoll
./aconfigure: line 14995: syntax error near unexpected token fi' ./aconfigure: line 14995:fi’
make: *** [build.mak] Error 2
configure: Unable to configure third-party/pjproject
configure: error: Run “make -C third-party/pjproject NOISY_BUILD=yes configure” to see error details.

Have anyone any idea why it fails? Glad for any tip

Regards Ulf

P.S I had to take out a lot of output because I was not allowed to have links in the post

Unfortunately additional issues were uncovered after 13.8.0 was released. These have been fixed in the Asterisk 13 branch and will be released in 13.9.0. In the mean time you can use the 13 branch directly, or locate the fixes that have happened and apply them against 13.8.0.


Thanks for your respond. I will be patient then :slight_smile: or try the Asterisk 13 branch