Asterisk 13

Question is: If I build asterisk-13.11.2 package and put that it requires, will Asterisk work without errors?

I can’t install Asterisk 13 from asterisk-13 repo on CentOS 6.8. Problem is that asterisk requires and pjproject. pjproject requires And that creates dependency conflict.

As far as I have been informed Asterisk CentOS 6 repo is not maintained anymore, so I em planning to build my own package.

This is a good reason to use the bundled version of pjproject. When running ./configure in the asterisk top level directory, add the --with-pjproject-bundled option.

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, the latest version in repo is Asterisk 13.3.2, and pjproject is bundled starting from 13.8.

At the end I have found that there is pjproject package in asterisk-current repo. And I have installed all needed and working packages from asterisks repos.

It is pity that those repos are not maintained anymore.