I need a new PoE Switch, Any recomendations?

I need a new managed PoE switch as we’re trying to implement asterisk here. Anybody have any recomendations?

I know very little about networking but I’m currently looking at possibly getting the Linksys SRW224P and would appreciate some opinions.


A Netgear FS726TP works fine for us. 24 x 10/100mbps ports (12 PoE) + 2 x 1gbps ports, QoS, simple management etc.

I use a Linksys SRW224P. It has 24 10/100 ports & 2 1 gig ports. I am currently running 15 Aastra phones (mix of 480’s & 9133’s). I have it setup with 2 VLANS, because I use some of the free ports for some PC’s. We have had it in our office for about 3 months now, and have had no issues with it.

another vote for the netgear. Cheap and works great.