Recommend router/switch with both QOS and POE?

I’m looking to deploy Asterisk at a small business with a handful of phones and I’m having a tough time finding a small switch (under 12) that has both POE and QOS capabilities. I’ve found the Netgear FSM7326P but it’s 24 ports and over $1100(US)

I also see the FS116P from Netgear which has POE however it doesn’t seem to have any QOS.

What are people using in small office environments?

We are running all Asterisk and PoE capable phones on HP 2650 PoE switches.
They are atttractivly priced and come with a lot of features.

Also look at powersdein midspan devices to get PoE to normal switches … they are also brilliant to use.

I’ve been using the Netger FS726TP, 24-port (12 PoE, 12 non-PoE), QoS, web interface and I haven’t needed to touch it since I set it up in August.

About $380 at places like CDW

Linksys (aka. Cisco) makes a Business class 24 port PoE switch with QoS. It seems to give you more robust QoS strageties with 4 ques based either by port, Layer2 COS (802.1p) or Layer3 TOS/DSCP values.

It also preforms many of the functions found on Cisco hardware (ACL’s, Spanning-tree, Rate-Limiting and broadcast control.

It runs ~ $450.00 at with a 5% discount on your first purchase. But you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere though.